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Night Driving - How To Drive Safely at Night

Once you learn to drive you will have to drive in the day and night. The biggest difference driving at night is the visibility. You become so accustomed to driving throughout the day that when you drive at night you have to more aware of your surroundings as the visibility to see ahead and the ability of others to see you is reduced.


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Using your headlights

Your car headlights serve two purposes. They will give you enough light to drive at night if there is no street lighting and it will make other driver more aware that you are there. Although you will mostly turn your headlights on at night there are other times when you would be advised to use them. If it is overcast or raining it is advisable to turn them on to help others know you are there. As the day breaks (dusk) turn your lights on again for others to know you are there.

When driving at night you must make sure that your headlights are clean as dirty headlights will reduce your visibility and make it harder for others to see you. If you are driving at night and see oncomming vehicles try not to look into their headlights as this will impare your visibility try to look slightly away. Another good tip is make sure when driving at night that you have a clean windscreen this will stop the dazzle from car headlights affecting your driving. Make sure your windscren washer bottle is topped up and has a good washer concentrate in it as it will help you clean the screen when you are driving and preven glare or dazzle from headlights.

If you find that headlights behind you are reflecting too much in your rear vue mirror ajust it slightly so you can still see behind you but the glare does not affect your driving.

Driving at night is a skill that needs to be learnt. As learner drivers you are not required to have lessons in driving at night however, for safety's sake, you may find it useful to ask your instructor for a few night time lessons just be sure.

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